Our Values

The human side of Blockworx

Our values

An app with values? Yes indeed. Because, of course, behind the app, are people.

We’re people who believe in using our knowledge and expertise to help in the shift towards low carbon homes, better outdoor spaces and sustainable towns and cities.

We believe efficient and effective communication between the property management industry and contractors during the repairs and maintenance process could be a small but important driver to this. 

BETTER lives

We work to ensure our client’s clients see the benefits of our software through improved processes and more streamlined communication that ultimately makes their lives better. 

low carbon homes

We will help facilitate the shift to low carbon homes by using our software expertise to enhance and improve the repairs and maintenance process to include sustainability considerations.


 We will help facilitate property managers and contractors to create and manage better outdoor spaces together by providing automated repairs and maintenance solutions.

urban mobility

We will support property management companies, businesses and contractors involved in the shift to sustainable urban mobility.