the app that connects contractors with property factors and block managers


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How it Works


Get Connected

Blockworx makes it easy for repairs and maintenance contractors to do business with Property Factors and Block Managers you work with. Put simply, you’ll get smoother communication through improved connection.


With the Blockworx app your business will be more efficient. Contractors will receive notifications to submit quotes or estimates and you can manage the entire process from start to finish in the palm of your hand.

GET work

Contractors can find work easily on Blockworx. Get repairs and maintenance jobs through Property Factors and Block Managers. 

GET paid

Job completed? Easily upload your invoices automatically and keep track of payments coming in and what’s outstanding.  You can even upload before and after photos of the job as proof of completion.


Easy Sign Up | Simple, low cost payment terms | 12 month minimum contract

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Property Factors 

Do you waste precious hours tackling endless repairs and maintenance admin?

If so, it’s time to go digital. With Blockworx you can easily access the Contractors you need, when you need them.


  • Post your jobs and requests for estimates quickly and easily and send to all at the click of a button;
  • Receive quotes from certified contractors faster;
  • Work with contractors on your approves supplier list;
  • Post and view reviews;
  • Appoint, track and manage all jobs,paperwork and invoices in one place from start to finish;
  • Integrates with CPL to give you complete visibility across the business;
  • If you’re an existing CPL Software client, it’s even easier, to get started, just call the team today.
Blockworx contractors


Are you a contractor who works with Property Factors? If so, you probably waste time making and taking phone calls, submitting quotes, chasing up invoices and you may even miss opportunities to submit a quote or estimate.

With Blockworx, the entire process is automated, making your business life easier and less stressful. Easy to access, easy to use, easy communication, easy payments. And easy to get started.


  1. Sign up by clicking the link below. 
  2. We’ll get you on board within 24 hours.
  3. Start viewing jobs and submitting quotes.
  4. Get notified instantly when your quote has been accepted.
  5. Do the work and upload photos of completed jobs if you need to.
  6. Raise your invoice at the click of a button.
  7. Get paid.