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Dr Nigel Glen Blocktalk

Have you checked out the Blocktalk podcast yet? Blockworx is a new podcast for professionals in the property management industry. Available on Spotify, iTunes and Google, you can listen to the first two episodes now.

On our first episode, we welcomed a very special guest, Dr Nigel Glen. Nigel talked to us about his time so far as CEO of ARMA, and the worst resignation ever! He tells us about his short time at the World Wildlife Foundation, how he feels about climate change and in our three quirky questions he tells us what he’d do if he ruled the world for a day.

Here’s a little snippet…

Nigel: Yeah. Well, I was been CEO for five years and you know, there’s other things I want to do in life as well. So I sort of thought about it hard and decided it was time to move on. I think five is is a good life expectancy for a CEO but the board very kindly said, well, you know, is that really what you want to do? We don’t want to lose you and funny enough up popped the idea of me becoming Executive Chair of ARMA, so I’ve probably done the worst resignation in history. So I’ve resigned with the idea of stepping up to Exec Chair, but then the idea of the merger came along and so we’re working on that. So I have rescinded my resignation. So I’m still CEO of ARMA. But if both sets of the membership agrees, so there are quite a few steps involved. I’ll take over the role as Exec chair of the combined entity and Andrew Bulmer who’s the CEO of IRPM will take over the CEO role of the combined entity. But still, it’s up to the members.

Brian: Yeah, I met Andrew a couple of times. Yeah, interesting, interesting guy. So you obviously have ARMA down in England and Wales and we have Property Managers Association and Scotland. Do those two entities, talk? How did, how does that work?

Nigel: Absolutely. I’ve been up to see, Alison. She comes down. We invite each other to our various conferences and to dinners. So we work as closely as we can given that we’re under different legislative structures. I think an interesting one was when when covid first broke out, and I flew out to Australia, just before it happens for the October before to learn more about Strata and common holders.  That’s coming over here and made some contacts. So, when covid came in, I got in touch with Alison, but also with my contacts in Australia and the States and then in Spain and we used to meet up late at night once a week to make sure we’re everybody’s time spans. Do sort of find out how other countries were being affected. So particularly Spain because they were ahead of the curve and whereas Australia was behind us. So we were trying to learn from a gentleman called Pepe about what was hitting them what their government was doing. So we could feed that back into government and to managing agency. So Alison, I worked very closely on, so there’s no competition. It’s just, we’re under different structures, different legislative structure. So we compare notes when we can.

Brian: Yeah, that’s that’s really interesting, actually, because I guess that it’s different challenges, free hold versus leasehold. And these sort of things. Talking about challenges. What’s been the most challenging part during your time at ARMA?

Nigel: I guess, if I look back over my career, I’ve been lucky enough to be sort of be CEO role, etcetera, where you’re in charge of your own destiny. So the biggest challenge has to be in this role, an awful lot of liaising with Government because you’re trying to affect something which is out of your own control.  So it’s Government certainly works at a different speed from private. But of course, you know, yeah, in the past I’m used to saying, right I will do this. Whereas now I have to talk to somebody and say have you thought of doing this and they might have a different reason etcetera. So I think that’s the most challenging part trying to influence some a behemoth like government. Yeah, I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve come across.

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