Blockworx 1.0 is Live with Fantastic New Features

Blockworx 1.0 is live! On January 10th we launched Blockworx 1.0 with some fantastic new features to free up more of your time and your money so you can do the things you want to do! Our developers have been working hard to bring you the first of two updates to kick-start 2022 and we promise this new functionality will make your Blockworx experience even better.

New updated features include:

7 Steps to Success feature, that includes simple reminders to keep you on track and make you even more efficient!

1. Upload your company logo – make all of your interactions with property factors, old or new, look professional with your own logo added to your documentation. Easily upload your logo on the portal.

2. Add important documentation – you can upload any documentation related to your insurance, safety, training, or company accreditation information. You can then share directly with every property management company you are linked with through Blockworx. So quick and easy it will save you so much time and keep your paperwork on track.

3. Invite other users to sign up to the Blockworx website – it’s so easy to invite other users in your organisation to sign up to Blockworx and you won’t forget to do it as it’s part of the 7 Steps to Success feature.

4. Link Companies – if you haven’t linked any companies to your Blockworx account, this handy reminder will keep you on track!

5. Have you read the important documentation – just in case you forget to do something important, like read documentation, you’ll now have a wee reminder.

6. Have you seen our Youtube channel? – there are so many videos on our YouTube channel, we just want you to remember it’s there if you need it. Visit the Blockworx YouTube Channel 

7. Set up your subscription – if you haven’t done this, you won’t be able to use Blockworx, so it’s no wonder we put a little nudge there for you.

Check out our latest video wth Murphy the dog!

Are you a contractor who works with Property Factors? If so, you probably waste time making and taking phone calls, submitting quotes, chasing up invoices and you may even miss opportunities to submit a quote or estimate.

With Blockworx, the entire process is automated, making your business life easier and less stressful.

  • Easy to access on your handheld device or desktop version
  • Easy to use slick interface and navigation
  • Easy communication which is automated in one place
  • Easy payments you can track and chase
  • Your business visible to Property Management companies
  • And it’s so easy to get started.

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