Top 3 Ways for Contractors to Get More Work Through the Door in 2021


How has 2020 been for you as a contractor? It’s been a massive challenge for the majority of businesses with hardly anyone going unscathed. This week (I write this on the 10th November), a potential COVID-19 vaccine has been announced, which, without meaning to count chickens, is a welcome boost (pardon the pun) for us all. If you’re a contractor, we hope you will have managed to find work outdoors, on construction sites, or that you were inundated when lockdown ended. Has this year made you consider how you get the work into the business? Or how you can ensure your business is geared up to quote for a variety of work?

If you haven’t thought about it, I’ve put together a Top 3 list of how contractors could secure more work in 2021 as a contractor.

How can contractors be more visible?

Is your business everywhere it could be? Going through a list this could be:


Social media


Industry trade bodies

Online directories

Property Management firms

Public sector lists

Trade magazines – online

Google Business

The list is endless. Of course, the one I am most interested in is the Property Management option. If you are a contractor, it makes sense to be visible to Property Management businesses as the work there is ongoing. If you can become a preferred supplier, this business could become your bread and butter.

Expand your geographic reach

Does your contracting business operate within a specific locale? You may be missing out on work by being narrowly focused on a small geographic reach. Being willing to drive an extra few miles, or tens of miles could secure a job that’s going to bring you a decent profit.

So if you’ve always stuck to a particular area, perhaps it’s time to  branch out a bit further. Expand your horizons by even a few miles and you could see more work coming through the door. Update your Google Business to include an expanded map. Pay for some advertising in areas that you might not normally go into. Update your website to include ‘now serving x, y, z areas.’

Be adaptable

If 2020 has taught us anything is that humans are extremely adaptable. Whether it’s having to adapt to working from home, changing how the business operates to suit restrictions, or coming up with entirely new ways of working, most people will have a story to tell.

What changes have you had to make in a short space of time? How quickly did you react when you had to? What adaptations could you put in place to open your business up to other opportunities?

We’ve also have to be very reactive this year, imagine what your business could achieve by being proactive and learning from the positive actions you’ve taken this year.

Are you ready for 2021?

What can you do to get ready for a better 2021? Take some action today to prepare for a more successful and less stressful year ahead.

Crawford Burns is Commercial Manager at Blockworx. If you would like your business to be seen by Property Managers or more Property Management Firms than you already do business with, please get in touch or sign up to Blockworx online at