How Can Contractors and Property Management Companies Be More in Control of Working with Each Other?

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When we look at how contractors and property management companies work together to manage repairs and maintenance, we see quite a disjointed, time consuming and monotonous way of working. It’s more horse and cart than TGV. But can property management companies and contractors take more control of how they work together? We’re going to suggest four sure fire ways that you can do exactly that in 2021. And we’ve saved the best til last, so make sure you read right through to the end.

  1. Service Level Agreements

For many contractors and property management companies, this is something that may already be in place to help reduce down time and keep communication ticking along. SLA’s could include, minimum or maximum response times, which channel to use to respond (email, text or phone), what happens when a response isn’t received etc. There are many ways that each side can ensure the lines of communication remain open and fluid. By putting a Service Level Agreement in place, everyone knows where they stand and should endeavour to meet the agreed processes. But how do you track this? And will everyone involved be able to achieve what’s asked? And what happens when they don’t?

  1. One point of contact

Property management companies and contractors could also agree that there is only one point of contact at each end who organise and manage the entire process. This prevents miscommunication and should keep everything in one place. The disadvantage to this, is of course, that people aren’t always at work. Whether it’s holidays, illness or some other reason, in which case, this could create more problems. Who picks it up when those designated people aren’t around?

  1. One method of communication for all

For property management companies who juggle a variety of ways of interacting with different contractors, establishing one means of communication in and out of the business could prove to be more effective. However, it might not be achievable as there will be a variety of contractors – large and small and everything in between – who might not have email, who might be stuck in taking or making phone calls or texts.

  1. Upgrade manual processes to automated ones

Remember when we used to have to manually switch on our TV sets? For the 20 and 30 somethings reading this, you might not. But you know about it. Before the invention of infrared and remote controls, we had a very manual process to engage in when turning on the TV set or switching between channels. Now, some might even say that remote controls are frumpish and unfashionable. Instead opting for voice controlled Smart TVs. But one thing is for sure, there won’t be many people who have a TV set without a remote control. Yet, still so many property management companies and contractors opt to keep getting off the safe to switch on the TV rather than upgrading to a Smart TV.

When businesses continue to choose manual processes over automation, it opens up more room for human error, for mistakes to happen, for time to tick by with no resolution or outcome being achieved. Automating also negates the need for the first three solutions to working together better as everything works together seamlessly with very little need for human intervention.

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