Contractors and Property Management firms Who Cling Onto the Past May Be Jeopardising the Future of Your Business

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For contractors and Property Management businesses, the prospect of doing something new can often be so daunting a prospect that any sort of change is never implemented. This can lead to stagnant processes, becoming too comfortable with the mindset of ‘it’s how it’s always been done’ and an unwillingness to move with the times. This could become a brewing pot of negativity and lack of innovation. Which is what will ultimately lead to the demise of the business. In this article, we’re going to take a look at three ways that highlight how you might well be clinging onto the past and how it could be jeopardising the future of your business.

When was the last time you made any significant changes?

Answer this question honestly. We don’t mean changing the colour of the walls of the office or tidying up the filling cabinet. When did you last implement something that significantly altered how you work better? When did you last change something that made a real difference to how you do things? Of course we’re not advocating changing for the sake of change. But often we get so involved in the day to day that we neglect to take a step back and identify what could be done better.

Take these examples of when we might implement change from the Tiny Pulse blog.

“Organizational change management is required whenever the company needs to change one or more of its main processes in order to improve effectiveness.” (

Some of the most common situations include:

  • The implementation of new technologies to optimize production
  • Upgrading procedures or policies to improve and optimize processes
  • Producing a new product or service feature
  • Change of leadership and management
  • Work culture and program implementations
  • Company merging or acquisitions
  • Unexpected crisis due to economic/socio-political problems

In short, whenever your company has to change the way it works — and requires people to do their job differently — is the appropriate time to apply change management.”

These provide several reasons to implement change. Perhaps you can think of or have done more?

But if the only reason your property management or contracting business isn’t changing to a new and better way of working is because you are used to doing it a certain way, it could be time to take the leap. By continuing to do what you’ve always done, you might well end up in the graveyard of failed businesses.

Innovation is often cited as the key to success – do you innovate often?

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” Peter Drucker.

Innovation isn’t just coming up with something that’s never been done before. Innovating in your property management or contracting business could be as simple as not standing still. Innovating is about doing something new so that your business and your team can work better.

Technology, of course, plays an important role in this. Using technology to improve business processes isn’t new but when it’s new for your business it can be a daunting thought. But if you aren’t innovating in your own business, someone else will be. Be the business that leads the way, not the one that has to follow.

When did you last update a process you know is causing problems?

If you’re clinging onto the past then it means you may inadvertently be creating more problems than you are solving. How often do you or your team feel frustrated by little annoyances? Are there things you are doing that could be done quicker or smarter?

If you take some time out to review processes – administrative, managerial, financial or any day to day task that’s currently manual, will you discover that you could be using a power tool instead of a manual screwdriver?

If a problem exists in your business, and it only exists because you’re stuck in the past, then it could be time to bring a team together to look at alternative, better ways to work. If you’re so close to your business that you can’t see the problems, ask your staff. Talk to them and ask for honest feedback. Use open ended questions to get to the root of problems. No business is 100% perfect. Every business has to keep up with the changing landscape of today’s world. And boy are we going through some big changes now.

If the team at Blockworx can help your property management or contracting business use technology to escape the past and embrace the here and now, please get in touch and find out how you can get connected.

Will McIlmoyle, Blockworx Technical Director.