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Get control of repairs and maintenance when you start and finish jobs on Blockworx.


If you’re new to Blockworx, you probably want to know how to use it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This handy ‘how to’ will help you and your team get going on Blockworx.

In addition to this there is also a list of suggested Setup Tasks on the Admin screen of your Blockworx desktop account.  These 7 Steps link to useful information, Blockworx ‘How To’ help sheets and to the Blockworx YouTube channel which has a number of short videos on How to use Blockworx

We’ll start with 2 basic items of prep work that you must do first. Then we’ll go on to show you how easy it is to integrate Blockworx into your business.



Prep work

First things first. Get the prep work done.  Lay the foundations for a smooth transition to Blockworx.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for your Blockworx Company Account. Then you can create each user on the Blockworx web portal or invite them to use your company code to sign up themselves. They can then continue with the Blockworx web portal or download the Blockworx app to their smartphone or tablet.


Toolbox Tip! 

Who would this be? Anyone who needs to be involved in the repairs and maintenance process – team members who quote for work, carry out work or respond to estimates.


Create users Quick Guide – Web Portal ONLY


Why bother? If you skip this part no one in the business will be able to use Blockworx

  1. Select ADMIN from the menu on your dashboard page – when you first login to your web portal.
  2. Click on the tab called User Groups. (There will be two in here to get you started – Administrators and Users).
  3. Click on the Group called Users (this will give your new users some privileges but not access to everything!) You can create more groups as you need them.
  4. Click on the orange button titled Invite New Users.
  5. Enter your colleague’s email address in the Add Email box (you can add as many as you like, just separate them with a semi-colon).
  6. Click on the Add button at the right hand side of the box (all of the email addresses will move to the Users to Email box).
  7. Lastly, click on the Send Invitations button.
  8. Your colleague(s) will receive their invitation to join Blockworx and will then follow their sign up instructions.

These videos will help you get up and running with Part One:



connect to property management companies

Secondly, an essential part of the prep work is connecting to the property management companies you work with. To do this you will need to get a code from all of the property management companies who are using Blockworx and add them onto your account.

Why bother? You won’t be able to do anything on Blockworx unless you connect with the property management companies you do work for.


Quick Guide to connecting to property management companies using the app


  1. After you have logged in select Companies from the menu options available to you.
  2. Click on the down arrow titled Link a new Company.
  3. Enter the company code (you need to get this from the property management company and it is unique for every company) and click Request to Link with the company.
  4. An email will now go to the property management company to approve your request.
  5. Once approved, they will appear on your list of connected Companies.

This video will help you get up and running with Part Two:


Quick Guide to connecting to property management companies using the web portal


  1. Choose COMPANIES from the header menu.
  2. On the right of the screen, you will now see Link with a Company.
  3. Underneath this, enter the company code in the box below and click ‘Request to Link with the Company’.
  4. The property management company will be informed about approving your request.
  5. Once approved, they will appear under your list of Linked Companies.
  6. To check the company’s you are connected with, click Companies from the top navigation menu. This will list all of the property management companies you are linked to through Blockworx.


Get going

To get going on Blockworx you need to start by doing one thing. What that one thing is will depend on the size of your business and the work your business does for property management companies.

So go ahead and choose your business from the options below and that’s your next step.

Recurring CONTRACT work (e.g. gardening, cleaning)


If this is how your business operates, you will most likely get paid via Diarised Charges.

To get started on Blockworx, login and select Required Invoices from the Dashboard or the blue header bar. You can then upload the relevant paperwork (invoice or checklist) to auto match with the charges at the Property Management Companies side.

This video will help you get up and running with your recurring contract work:


Reactive maintenance (e.g. lift maintenance or fire safety)


If this is how your business operates, you will most likely receive a Job Order from the property management firm.

To get started on Blockworx, login and select Jobs from the menu on the web portal or the app (new ones will be on the Jobs card on your Dashboard).

Any and all jobs that have been sent to you by a property manager will appear here. You will also receive a notification on your smart phone or tablet whenever you receive a new job request.

These videos will help you get up and running to access your jobs:

On the Web Portal

On the App

Toolbox Tip!

Remember to set your Blockworx push notifications to ‘on’ so you never miss a job request on your phone or tablet.

Estimates for adhoc work

(out with normal contracted work)


This is applicable to all businesses who need to submit quotes/estimates for work outside of your recurring work or reactive work.

If this is how you get started on Blockworx, you will have received an email to trigger your Quote Request or a notification on your device via the app. You can now submit your Quote in one of two ways – via the web portal or on the app.



  1. Select Quote Requests from the app menu.
  2. If you have a list, tap on the individual quote request you wish to submit your quote for.
  3. Submit your quote via the app by choosing £ Quote from the top of the screen.
  4. Enter all details in each field.
  5. Click Save & Submit to submit your quote to the property manager that requested it.

View the full How To video below.



On the web portal you can upload your Quotes directly into Blockworx.

  1. Select Quote Requests from the top menu (new ones are also visible on the Quote Requests card on your Dashboard).
  2. Click on the Quote Request you wish to submit a Quote for from the list.
  3. Click either Attach your Quote File or Create your Quote to get started entering the details of your quote.
  4. When you’ve entered all information, click Save & Submit this will send your response to the property management company who requested your Quote. You can also click Save for later which will allow you to return to your quote and update it further before submitting it to the property management company.
  5. To submit a Quick Quote you can choose not to attach a file nor create your own quote and simply input a figure in the Quote Total box and click on Save & Submit this will simply send the property management company a quote with a total value and no description of the works you are carrying out.

View the full How To video below.


If you prefer to read the instruction manual rather than learning as you go, or if you need to know how to do something specific on Blockworx, or train your team, we’ve added some helpsheets to the Blockworx Toolbox, which you can download and view below.

If you still can’t find what you need, just give our  Support Team a call on 0345 646 0810. Or drop us an email:


    Helpsheet Title and Description

    Subscription Sign Up Process on the Web Portal

    This helpsheet will guide you through the process of subscribing to Blockworx on the Web Portal.

    Setup Tasks for Your Blockworx Account

    This helpsheet will show you where you can access each of the set-up tasks and use them to your benefit to get Blockworx working for you.

    Sharing Documentation with Property Factors

    This Helpsheet will take you through uploading documents you would like to share with your lined property management companies. It will also explain how to set valid dates for the documentation to enable you to be reminded of when they need to be replaced.




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