Can Property Managers Really Use Social Media Effectively?

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How do you think social media can be used to help property managers?

I think social media in terms of the world of property management what comes to my head immediately is, it’s a trust tool. It’s 100%, a trust tool. And the more transparent you can be with people, via whatever platform it is, whether it be TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, literally any platform, the more honest and transparent you can be the better. The number one KPI for property managers should be to build trust, I think that’s absolutely vital. And it’s the best platform to do it on 100%, Because you can show your face and be upfront and is just emails on steroids, it really is, it’s just the best way to show up and for people to like you, it’s the old, ‘like, know and trust’. And it’s certainly one way to do it.

And I think another thing as well as showing superb, supreme customer service, it’s such an incredible tool for getting back to people as soon as possible within minutes, or a da. All of the biggest and best social media accounts use it as an opportunity to show off their excellent customer service skills, which again shows your prospective customers, clients, they can trust you more.

What would be your advice to property management companies to deal with negative comments?

Because of my football media work, I get negative comments, trolls on a daily basis, sadly, and it’s the reality of social media, but it’s part of the game that you play in order to excel on these platforms.

Now, the first thing is to actually change your mindset to negative comments, again, to mention it, that this is an opportunity to show off your values, this is an excellent opportunity to show off your customer service skills. And so I think responding to people, killing them with kindness is so important. When I see reviews online, negative reviews where people like that, and they’re nasty, and it’s literally an online ping pong match for everyone to see. And not only is it embarrassing, but it’s also really, really bad for your brand. And that is a social media trap that I do not want anyone listening to this to fall into.

So I think the advice to give some actions are – killing them with kindness, and what I mean by that is responding to them with utter empathy. You don’t know what’s going on in their world, you don’t know what they’re struggling with. You don’t know what’s going on in their day. Have they just lost someone. The list goes on. I very recently had one where it transpired that the person had lost their business recently.

But the other thing, if you’re particularly struggling with negative comments, from a personal point of view, just block these people. You know, if they’re not your target customer, there’s no point even entertaining a conversation if they’re going to be really, really rude and out of order. But most of the time, if someone’s constructive in their feedback, even if it is negative, I’ll always respond to them.

I think that’d be how I would deal with negative comments. But honestly, the main thing and probably 70 or 80%, of what I’ve just said, the most important part of that segment is your own mindset to them. This is an opportunity to show off your values.

I’ve worked with so many different companies over the years. There’s one company that I’m in partnership with now that I had to convince to use Facebook because they were so scared of getting negative feedback, they didn’t even want to go on Facebook. Do you realize how much how much of a business opportunity you’re missing by not going on Facebook? It’s just crazy. It’s almost brand suicide in 2021, to not be on these platforms. And there’ll be people listening to this now that will be rolling their eyes. But the reality is, if you’re not on social, you’re losing so much latent potential for your business, whichever business that might be. So do not be afraid of negative feedback. It can actually be an insane marketing tool.

To finish with an example, if you give me some negative feedback, I kill you with kindness, I respond, I might even give you something in return to say thank you, or to actually appease you to put it politely, what you’re then going to do is rather than shout shouting, and screaming and telling all your friends, well, what you might do is you might actually screenshot that and show it to your friends go, Oh, my Lord, I’ve just spoken to this company. And look how they’ve responded to me. They’ve even given me this. And they’ve even said this, how refreshing is that? And then all of a sudden, Brian, you’re doing my marketing for me? And that’s my point.

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