Repairs and Maintenance Efficiency Hacks – The Top 5 Tasks You Will Likely Waste Time On In 2021 and How To Stop

Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance efficiency hacks – the top 5 tasks you will likely waste time on in 2021 and how to stop

Organising repairs and maintenance can be a very manual process. The ‘back and forth’, disjointed communications and information coming in and going out in different directions. It makes for a messy and time-consuming task. How do you solve it? By knowing what you’re wasting time on, you can take steps to make improvements and be more efficient. In doing so, you save time, energy and money. And you might even have happier customers.

Maybe you already know what you waste time on. Maybe you don’t. We’ve had a think about what we think property managers and contractors waste time doing when trying to organise repairs and maintenance and pulled together our top 5 repairs and maintenance efficiency hacks for 2021.

  1. Gathering quotes – whether it’s sending or receiving emails or texts. Or making calls, missing calls and leaving voicemails, when you add up the minutes spent just trying to get quotes in for work, it can easily turn into hours.

Efficiency Hack? Make it easy for everyone involved to communicate in one place.

  1. Chasing or being chased – it’s no fun when you’re trying to get on with a task or complete a job and you can’t because you’re waiting on someone getting back to you or trying to get a hold of someone. It can cause delays and unnecessary frustration for everyone involved – contractors, property managers and clients.

Efficiency hack? Make it easy for everyone involved to communicate in one place.

  1. Paperwork frenzy – quotes, invoices, messages, queries, emails, texts. When your job is organising repairs and maintenance, there’s always a lot going on. And if you’re stuck in manual processes, everything is most likely all over the place. You might spend hours looking for a quote, or email.

Efficiency hack? Bring all of your repairs and maintenance paperwork into one place, connected with your software package so that no one misses anything. Make it easy to send, store and reference any paperwork you have.

  1. Too much information – lucky you as this time waster means you’ve got a lot of work on which is a good thing. But when all of the information you need about each jobs is held on different files or in different places, it can result in a lot of time spent, looking, searching, opening, closing and head scratching.

Efficiency hack? What if all of your repairs and maintenance jobs were stored in one place, with quick and easy access to all the job detail you could ever need, at the touch of a button (or screen)?

  1. Dealing with problems – we all love a problem don’t we? Ok maybe, not ones that could have been avoided. When it comes to repairs and maintenance work in property management, problems are inevitable as there’s often many people involved. So it’s not good if problems aren’t sorted quickly or easily. For anyone.

Efficiency hack? Make it easy for everyone involved to communicate in one place.

As you probably noticed, there’s a common theme running throughout all of our efficiency hacks. Making it easy to communicate and bringing everything into one place. Let’s use the Just-Eat analogy (again – missed it last time, you can view it here). How easy does just-eat make it to order takeaway food for a group or family? As long as every restaurant that you would want to go to is on that app, you can easily order from as many as you need to in one place without having to phone each different restaurant or takeout. It’s the same for contractors and property managers organising repairs and maintenance. Have one place to order as many jobs as you need to, view your order, how much it’s going to cost, how long it will take and then pay for it without having to open any other files, folders, emails or messages. It’s really that simple.

Being efficient with our time doesn’t mean doing more in less time. That’s just a recipe for mistakes and potential burnout. Being efficient means doing things better, in less time and with less of a headache to get to the final result.

“Minutes may seem as worthless as pennies until you add them up. Neither should be wasted.” Richelle E. Goodrich

Do you want to be more efficient and more productive in 2021? Bring all your repairs and maintenance into one place with Blockworx. Get in touch with our UK based team to start saving up the pennies and the minutes.