What’s The Manual With Contractors?

manual contractors

If you wouldn’t use a manual screwdriver or a pocket calculator, why are you still managing the day-day admin and communications with property management companies manually? Most of the time, contractors usually have a few responses to this. “It’s too much hassle to change over”, or “we’re fine with how we do things around here”. Or sometimes, it might even sound like, “it will cost too much.”

But what if the property management companies you work with recognise that they can manage the whole repairs and maintenance process in a more streamlined manner and introduce a new system? What if your competitors are shifting to better ways of managing their admin?

If this is the case then you might notice your contracting business falling behind the times which could lead to getting less work through the door. You might also be trading off having more time to do more work by being resistant to introducing automation. With the age of the workforce changing, as younger people start to enter the market, who have grown up with technology, it’s important that employers embrace tech and make the most of the benefits that can be gained.

So let’s take a look at each of these reasons and how we can quash them.

It’s too much hassle to change from manual to automated

Saying it’s too much hassle to upgrade from a manual (or existing automated) system, will often boil down to a fear of change, a perception that the changeover will be a hassle or it might be down to a previous bad experience.

Whatever the underlying issue for thinking it’s too much hassle, the switch to a new automated system should be relatively pain-free – as long as you have the right support.

We’re fine with how we do things around here

Apathy. It can be a terrible driver of resistance to any sort of change. And this in-turn can lead to becoming open to being overtaken by competitors. An inability to keep up with developments that help make your business run smoothly could lead to missed opportunities.

It will cost too much

This one is very much dependent on the ability to take an overview of both the short and long-term picture. Yes it might appear to cost more to switch to an automated platform for your admin, however, how much time is spent dealing with manual responses and manual processes? Efficiency gains from automation, will almost always off-set any perceived costs.

How do you quash these reservations?

It’s perfectly natural to be hesitant, if not completely resistant to changing how you manage the day-to-day admin in your contracting business is done. Especially when change hasn’t happened in a while, if ever at all, or when your contracting business is small.

Yet overcoming this hesitancy is necessary to ensure your business keeps up with technology and competitors. How do you overcome them?

Have a plan in place beforehand so that everyone involved is prepared for the changeover. As long as everyone knows what is happening, they can be ready for it. Provide them with login details, any basic training, and information before the switch on. It’s important to remember that everyone needs to exercise a little patience in the early days of the change. Things can and may go wrong, but as long as you have the patience, anything can be sorted out with your new supplier.

Communicating all of the benefits of the change also offers a level of understanding, knowing that, after the initial ‘bedding-in’ period, these benefits will far outweigh the discomfort of change.

If you are a contractor and you’d like to find out more about automating your communications with property management companies, get in touch with the Blockworx team.