Winter Repairs and Maintenance – Can You Really Make These Months Easier to Deal With?

Blockworx winter repairs maintenance

As if coping with the fluctuating rules and restrictions of a pandemic aren’t enough for us all, for Residential Property Managers, the dark nights are closing in, autumn is upon us, which means that winter is just around the corner. It’s the time of year when Property Management firms can find themselves stretched due to increased storms and cold weather which can lead to a spike in repairs and maintenance. In this article, we’re going to list our top 10 ways Residential Property Managers can make the upcoming winter months just that little bit easier to deal with. Especially when many of us will still (most likely) be working from home and facing challenges we haven’t before.

The Blockworx Top 10 Winter Repairs & Maintenance Hacks for Property Managers

  1. Communicate with contractors about the upcoming winter months with a synopsis of the types of work instructed in previous years as a way to pre-empt what could be in store this year. Utilise management information gathered from your software package to produce this.
  2. How do you contact contractors? Is it easy? Especially when working from home? Or could this be simplified somehow? If you can contact contractors more easily, you will save time and money and impress clients with efficiency.
  3. Send an email to clients with a reminder of what they can do to help minimise or eliminate potential problems. This is a nice thing to do and could help to increase your brand image in the eyes of clients. “Alleviate the worry of winter repairs by taking simple steps to prevent potential problems”.
  4. How will you monitor work that’s ongoing or outstanding during winter, when, inevitably, work will take longer than usual due to bad weather? Is this easy to do, or, again, could you make this a much smoother process?
  5. Is it going to be easy to find and instruct a suitable contractor during winter? Do you have enough contractors to satisfy demand? If not, how will you do this?
  6. How easy do you make it for contractors to contact you with issues or problems? If they can’t get to a job or the work is going to take longer, is it easy to track this?
  7. Can the entire Property Management team check what’s going on with all clients? Illness happens, especially in winter. Working from home also throws up challenges of team communication, so make it easy for everyone to have access to the entire portfolio and the work that’s happening at each.
  8. Communicate with clients to remind them how they can report any repairs quickly and easily. Send an email or SMS text message to remind them how to do this.
  9. Contact clients to ask them to do a walk round of their block to spot any concerns with their block that could prevent potential problems that the winter weather might bring. This simple task could save a lot of time and unnecessary expenditure – prevention is better than cure.
  10. Create a ‘Winter Maintenance’ checklist to encourage clients to take steps to ‘winter proof’ their building. Along the same lines as number one, but places a little more responsibility and accountability with them.

Do you have anything to add to the list? What does your business do to help everyone get through the winter months?

We can help you prepare better this winter with improved communication between you and contractors and a smoother way to manage repairs and maintenance. Get in touch with the Blockworx team today for a friendly chat.

We hope you and your clients have a safe and happy winter!

Crawford Burns is the Commercial Manager for Blockworx. You can connect with Crawford on LinkedIn.